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Bored @.@

I don't have any idea right now and im fucking bored too =.=
It's Thursday and my school got a holiday today =.= so~yeah . Although im happy because we're not school today but im fucking crazy right now ~_~
Someone please help me ~!
Im too bored right now~
My friends were planning with their activity like playing badminton,chilling at City Plaza,chatting in Fb,sleep until 12,help their mother/family,outing with Bf and etc~
Sigh~if i can be like them~of course i'll do that but i can't T,T,im stucking in my house and played everything that i have..such a boring game =.= and watch any drama or cartoon =.=
Oh god ! I want to go out and take some fresh air or looking some movie with my friends  LOL 
Seriously~Im FUCKING  bored right now !

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