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Ruining My Life Laa Shit =.=''

Sigh ~
idk what to say right now . all i want to do is crying crying crying =.=''
i thought that he was the right choice for me but after all of that . he's not the right choice for me .
since i read his relationship . im too dumbfounded after i check out his relationship =.=''
Aq rse mcm org BODOH yg layan org yg XNAK layan aq .
ooh~now i know why he's not replying my msg , my chat because he's gonna break this relationship =.=''
Soo THANKS so much for being my TEDDYBEAR . SHIT TEDDYBEAR !
Aq sayang dy sgt2 mcm ORG GILA  tapi dy xKESAH pasal aq sikit pon . Dy xtw yg aq nih dh byk reject org laen sbb nk terima dy ! WOW
BODOH kan aq ?
Soo next time if him begging me for some love or forgiveness . im sorry . im regret about it . YOU make too lot of promises but YOU never gonna make it happen !
WTF !!

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