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Last but Not Least (Minho)

Haihai !
Long time no updating this hilarious blog ! HAHA
Hilarious lahh sgt -.-''
Ok , see this pic ?
That's Minho :3 I love him so muchhh ! #although Taemin is my bias :P
He's really a noona killer ~ 
His acting in The Salamander Guru and The Expert are AWESHEMM !
Taemin and Taeyeon are cameo in this sitcom :)
And ! Minho kissed Taeyeon too T.T
Arghh ! Much jealous thooo ~
Moreover ! Their lip balms' in Etude House are awesome too !
I want to buy Taemin's !!! arghh ! 
Onew , Key and Jonghyun ! I miss all of you too ~ xDD
HAHA ok Done ~!
Annyeong ~

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